Movies that really add a touch to your feminine side.

My taste in movies keep changing …. and now that I’ve grown a bit older from who I was before, I would have to say my all time favorite movie is Under the Tuscan Sun.

I swear Diane Lane is something else. I’ve never seen anyone age as gracefully as she has. I believe she’s currently in her mid to late 40s now? And to be able to maintain that grace and beauty, I’m so jealous!! I’d be lucky if I looked as good as her when I hit her age as well. She just has this appeal of a woman, this calm aura about her that really makes you feel at peace in her presence. She is the woman who really made this movie so great for me and now has become my favorite. I love how the theme circles around finding yourself and not necessarily holding the expectation of a happy ending between a man and a woman … rather, that there’s always an opportunity, a new chance in life, you just have to be open to accepting it.

Another film that I was just watching prior to prying myself away from the television set so I could resume studying was You’ve Got Mail. Meg Ryan, especially the character she plays in this movie, also seems to resonate the similar kind of peace that I felt from Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun. She is this sweet-hearted, adorable book shop owner who ends up closing her business due to the huge discounted bookstore that opens up across the street from her. Though she tries to fight to keep her business going, in the end, she closes it, accepting the fact that she will not survive against such a huge competition. Ironically, the owner of her competition is her e-mail friend she met in a chatroom one day though the two don’t realize who they really are to each other. The man finds out first and somehow swings the circumstances around to get the woman to fall in love with him. Cheesy? Yes. But well written? Hehe yes. By far, these are my favorite two chick flicks of all time with a decent amount of substance.

It is the feelings these women succeed in bringing out in those around them that I aspire to do … some form of warmth, yet poise, elegant character. Despite the fact that they’re extremely smart, they don’t express it in a competitive, eat-the-man up manner, rather they seem to integrate it into their feminine characters and generate an entirely new definition of what it is being a woman surviving in this world independently. It is this type of woman I hope to become, one who is open to the idea of possibilities without coming off as being too naive.

Intelligent women really do come in various styles. As for me, these are the ones I really like.


2 thoughts on “Movies that really add a touch to your feminine side.

  1. I absolutely love Under the Tuscan Sun and You’ve Got Mail. They have great stories, and, as you mentioned, awesome heriones. Though, watching Under the Tuscan Sun always makes me crave a Tuscan getaway of my own 🙂

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