Le tired.

I really am. I so what school to be over.

I love to learn, I really do but I’m really reaching the point where I want to be done with it all and actually have some meaning in the work I do. It’s true, the lack of being able to sign off on orders that you still have to write about makes it a bit frustrating … yet probably by the time I get the power to do so, I probably want to be a student again because all my responsibilities will lash back onto me.

I don’t know, as a beginning third year student, I always scoffed at residents who complained about being tired and whatnot. Yet as one who’s doing that now, goodness, I have an idea of what it is to feel like them. I used to look at some senior year medical students and just think, wow, those people are so lazy, not doing work.

Heh … well I’m hitting that point now. I still do the best I can but it’s becoming harder for me to really push myself to do so. I’m not so nervous about showing up maybe 5 minutes late to certain meetings and whatnot cuz hey, I’m actually collecting more important information on a patient whom I’ll be presenting at that meeting …. so you realize what the important things are.

Either way, I’ve been worked to the bone this block. It has not been fun. I keep telling myself it’s good practice but I’m seriously on the point of shattering into pieces from just being tired endlessly. Heh, I guess this is what I get for doing the large main rotations later on.

Sigh …. I don’t want to be jaded though and become someone who’s constantly ranting but it seems that I’ve hit that point. I’m definitely not as chirpy as the new third years are … (for obvious reasons). I feel like my body is a ton of bricks I drag across the floor these days … ooooh, residency, here I come.

On a lighter note, here are some goodies I selected from again yes Express and Forever21 … haven’t had really any other way to express my girliness aside from this as I’m not in New Orleans right now …. gosh I already miss that city. I can see myself going crazy pretty darn soon from lack of that place. That’s it, I most definitely will need to be living in an aesthetically pleasing place for my future.

I’m ready to fly home … too bad this will be the extent of my summer vacation.

Is the fall collection already out?? Wow that was quick ….


2 thoughts on “Le tired.

  1. Kristina says:

    sorry if i’m out of the loop (thanks to step 1)…where have you been for this rotation and which rotation is it?

    love those picks btw!

    • sarrasparky says:

      I’m in north Louisiana, near Alexandria for my Ob/Gyn rotation … this is apparently known as the study month since we have a much lighter patient load here (thank god as last month was just brutal).
      you’re almost done girl!!! hang in there~~~ gosh I have to take Step 2 in a month but it feels very different from preparing for Step 1 as you’ve kinda been studying everything this entire time …

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