Love is ….

When your girlfriend says she hates olives so you eat them for her when she forgets to request them off the sandwich she ordered.

When your boyfriend wants to watch a sports game on TV and you watch it with him even though you don’t know anything about sports.

When you drive your girlfriend around to wherever she needs to go because her car got flooded and now she has nothing to drive with.

When your boyfriend asks you, “Am I your best friend?” And your response is, “Of course!!”

When you do something you know that will be so meaningful to her even though you yourself personally don’t have any other good reason to …. yet as of now, you do.

I’ve seen this in front of my eyes lately and it just makes me think, it’s all still possible. True love really does exist …. and I still want to believe in it. Despite my recent not-so-great experiences with my relationships, I don’t want to lose faith that this is still something that I can have. That there is someone out there for me who’ll love me for all the good times and the bad … someone who’ll never let me feel self-conscious or insecure for being myself, rather, love me for all I am.

Someday ….


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