People ….

You’d be surprised of what you learn about others when you get to know them. I just realized recently that several of my clerkship mates that I’m on my current rotation with in this tiny bit of a town in northern Louisiana have grown up with parents who don’t have an education beyond high school in which they had to become reliant on themselves. One girl was describing to me how she could no longer ask her parents for help on her homework because it was beyond their level. This fact was interesting to me as I grew up with parents who not only had a college education but further went on to have postgraduate degrees. I recall my mother always telling me that I should be thankful to have parents who can educate me on materials in high school. Quite honestly, I felt that phrase was getting old and I didn’t know what she meant by it … until now.

No, this is not a post to be boasting about my parents … if that’s how it came across I truly apologize as that wasn’t my intention. It’s more of a entry of awareness, just a little thought of “what if things were like this …” kind of thing. I have encountered a many good number of friends here and there, those who’ve all grown up in backgrounds different from mine. And what I’ve learned from all this is that you should never judge a person’s character by his/her family background. There may be factors incorporated but when you just look at the person as himself/herself, it all really doesn’t matter and you will realize that yourself.

I wondered today all of a sudden, would things have been different if I’d parents who were less educated? I know I have a propensity to become lazy when given the chance …. yet I also am someone who’s seeking passion or a way to express it. Would I have selected the same path I’m walking on now if I’d grown up any differently? Quite possibly as the way people are raised really affects how they survive through life … yet I don’t think this is any good reason to judge anyone for their character. Confusing? A little bit …. but despite how disappointing some experiences may come to you, I think it’s always important to begin with a blank slate and give every person an equal opportunity to express themselves.

Someone who may seem like a foe may not quite be so … and the same goes vice versa.

In this busyness of the work I’m doing, I’d like to say, I’m extremely thankful for all the people who have touched my life, for the good and the bad. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today, I wouldn’t have become the person I am now. And of course, I love my family with all my heart …. but it wasn’t enough to keep me back and stay home. I have good reason to travel this far, to pursue the work of my dreams (oy despite how despairing it can truly get sometimes and make a woman go crazy), there is just so much more out there that I wanted to experience, staying at home just wasn’t going to do it for me.

Nonetheless, I will never forget where I came from. In that sense, I feel that I’ve been extremely blessed and lucky to have the people in my life and my family as I do now.


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