O third year …

You are seriously coming to an end. I just can’t believe how far I’ve come from that clueless student I started out as and now closing in as the slowly burning out senior …. it’s just funny to see how things have changed and how they will further become different throughout this last year of my education where a large chunk of my time will be spending applying, interviewing, and hopefully landing the spot of my dreams for possibly the rest of my life.

I’m tired of moving … I’m ready to settle. This will be a change in my life and I’ll be seeing myself moving forward but in a sense, I want to be moving forward towards something for me to stabilize with. I see all these old friends from college now officially done completely with medical school and their vacations, now moving on to becoming those residents who initially seemed to know everything when I first started out as a clerkship student.

Heh … well I’m not so far from there either am I? Oh it’s really scary to think about ….


One thought on “O third year …

  1. Kristina says:

    Isn’t it weird that you’ll be a doctor in a year?

    BTW I like the new layout!

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