Always stay classy.

As difficult as it may sound, it really affects those around you.

Gosh, I wanna go back to a bigger city now … I’m so ridiculously excited to return to New Orleans I can barely contain it. I’ve already begun to start packing even though I have two work days left … well more like a work day and a half.

I’ve pretty much forgotten my love for shopping recently as I’ve been insanely busy with the rotation and just the food here that’s so terribly bad for you yet it’s so good has kept me somewhat preoccupied. But I recently paid for a top more than I usually would for any piece of clothing that looked similar to that but heck, I just wanted it so badly I had to have it. You know that feeling when there’s something you want and you just gotta have it no matter what? Well, this was one of those moments hehehe.

Oh yes and these were purchased from of course, the lovely Express Fashion website. =)

Unfortunately, the best photo I could get of these were these two:

I really wanted the hyacinth pattern but as they were out of that, the next best thing for me was the top in olive. I love how the sequins have a bronze shine to it.

If the World Cup weren’t in swing right now, I wouldn’t have been too far from going a little crazy from the quietness of this town … that and the fact there are other students here with me. Gosh, soccer is so exciting!! I forgot how much I used to love it.


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