Colombia, here I come!!!

So my friend and I decided to do an away rotation in Bogota, Colombia for next spring. Oh goodness, I’ve been skimming through pictures and am so excited!! Apparently one of the school alumni started up a medical school there several years back and now they’re in the process of accepting exchange students. Oh goodness, I would love to go … I sure do love to travel. 😀

I have never been to South America before so this should be an interesting trip. I trust that as this program is coordinated through my school that measures to protect the students who do the aways would be more in place versus just going on some random getaway with a random program I looked up on my own. At least it’s legit this way.

Initially I thought, maybe I should spend my last days prior to residency really enjoying the city of New Orleans and all those events I missed out on .. hehe, well a good number of them I’ve already been to, this is just totally something new and probably something I’ll never get to do again!! So I’m ridiculously excited now …..


One thought on “Colombia, here I come!!!

  1. Kristina says:

    Sounds like so much fun! Be careful though…we got warned about visiting this place for away rotations…

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