I’ve noticed that I’ve always found Japanese World Cup soccer players to be more attractive than the Korean ones (unfortunately despite my heritage background). I’ve noticed this trend since middle school when I was growing up on watching World Cup games as a preteen. From this game, the particular player that I’ve gotten a liking to is Keisuke Honda. He is the one who pulled the amazing footwork that allowed Japan for its final goal, the move was absolutely amazing!! Gosh I love soccer …

Hehe but I don’t know what it is, I feel that the Japanese players have a more rugged appearance while the Korean players have more delicate features. I actually find the whole yellow hair look on Asians attractive. 😉 Maybe not when you’re encroaching your mid-30s …. but you never know!! It gives off this wild flavor.

Anyway, overall, during my study breaks, I’ve been watching the games and they have been absolutely amazing!! All these underdog teams no one expected to advance have been proving the world differently. This is how sports can truly blow your mind away with the unexpected.


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