BCBG Maxazria

I’ve completed my ob/gyn clerkship!! Gosh that was a rough two months …. I’ve definitely hit the senioritis point, I was concerned that I really wasn’t going to give a crap during the test. Now only one more shelf exam rotation to go …. I was actually really surprised at how quickly I went through this exam as I’m usually always up to the last minute when it comes to shelf exams. I have to say, the straightforwardness nature of the material of obstetrics and gynecology can make the field very appealing.

So admist this World Cup craziness as I watch the Korea vs. Uruguay game, I searched and dug for some gorgeous dresses that I found on the BCBG Maxazria website.

So my mom will be arriving this evening to visit me!! I’m super excited … though I’ll also be a little busy as well to catch up with friends at a barbecue and also going to the beach from Sunday till Monday … aaahhh!! Hello, my brief summer weekend, here I come!!!

On other note, gosh, watching soccer always gets me so excited … especially when the results are so unexpecting. I’ve truly loved watching these 2010 matches as all these underdog teams have risen and you are starting to see the fall of some of the many World Cup champion contenders. Soccer really is a classy sport, I just love watching the footwork the players display in order to make an unexpecting move. There is definitely a lot of body language reading, predicting moves so that you yourself know your next move … I mean, I guess this is a given when it comes to the world of sports but I just really get more into it when it comes to soccer. And it also just looks more graceful hehe.

Aaahhh sadness … so we’re out of the games now. But I’m proud of Korea, they really did they best and played gallantly!! They really were consistent, probably would have helped to play a little more aggressive defense but overall, I’m extremely proud as to how far we’ve come (let’s say since I was in middle school when we could barely make it to the Round of 16??) into becoming a more solidified team with regards to skills. I feel that once we get better at making shots, we’ll be a much better team … 2014!!! Here we come 😀


One thought on “BCBG Maxazria

  1. Kristina says:

    Can you believe it has been four years since we followed the world cup games together? remember all that drama and fun?! wow a lot happens in 4 years huh…

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