Destination: Destin

In the sunshine state Florida hehehe. I’ve never gotten over how interesting this name is. But anyway, on a brief one-day getaway, some friends and I headed off to the beach at the crack ass of dawn 6:30 AM for some fun in the sun!! Oh gosh, summer time really means going to the beach at some point and I was definitely not ending mine without one trip … I had missed the opportunity to go last year but instead had an amazing time in Beijing which made up for much of it.

But anyway, noting that it looks like it’ll be raining every single day of this week, we really got lucky with the weather. Not a drop of rain while we were at the beach!! However of course it just started to pour like crazy the next day and the days after. So the day of massive rain pourage, what did we do? Hit up the outlet mall in Destin … it was a glorious way to end my third year of medical school.

Here are some pics from the trip:

I am personally extremely self conscious when it comes to wearing a two piece swimsuit in public. This bikini I got prior to graduating college because I felt it was the best thing that actually fitted me well back then. Nonetheless, due to my self consciousness, I didn’t have many opportunities to wear it on the beach (nor would I be comfortable wearing it in front of my parents during my summer trips back at home hehe). However!! This summer was going to be different … I was extremely willing to dust the swimsuit off and show off its flair. I’m glad I liked what I was looking at though I don’t feel that this picture does its the most amount of justice hehe. Yet I’m really glad I pulled it out. Summertime is for bathing suits!!

I got a boogie/body board at a store that was pretty much going out of business (hence the sign said “going-out-of-business” sale hehehehe). Usually I wouldn’t buy such a thing as I don’t have opportunities to go to the beach often anymore but it was relatively cheap and I probably would not have managed the waves in my flimpsy two piece without it. 😛

My good friend K since year 1 of med school (taking pics of sea gulls scurrying around as the waves flow in and out) … and still going!! We’ve really braved through so much together since then, it means a lot to me that we’ve been there for each other throughout the years of brutality.

Oy and now back to this sequence of 7+ hr daily studying for a monster called Step 2 ….. At least I had a trip to let it all out before getting back into the gear of things!! I will post pics of my shopping results once I manage to take pics of them … but the products were: Coach pastel green wallet, Coach wristlet, fading ocean blue shirt from Gap, and a long golden leaf necklace from PacSun.

Gosh I less than three being a girl … no joke.


One thought on “Destination: Destin

  1. Kristina says:

    I less than three you!!!

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