So I think I’ve found my new love … Taio Cruz!! Goodness, his style of hip hop has really caught my attention. It’s a combination of R&B and a bit of techno but not enough to get me bored (because trust me, techno in a club can really get me yawning quickly). And he’s British!! Can you say yummy?? I think so!! Puhehehehe.

But anyway, so my life hasn’t been much eventful since my trip to Destin. I’ve highly enjoyed the company of my mom visiting though and I think she’s enjoying herself as well though she has been staying indoors majority of the time. 😛 Yet the fact that I live in a new apartment with a gorgeous view of the New Orleans bayou (as opposed to gloomy downtown) I think keeps her a little bit occupied. Haha that and she manages to fix something in my apartment without me realizing it …. my question, “What’s for dinner?” has become the new default. Oy how rough things will get once she leaves again …. I’m just very glad to have been able to have her visit me this summer.

So just seeing all these FB statuses from my previous upper level colleagues about their lives as interns puts me on this collision of different feelings. I’m sort of excited, sort of scared, sort of apprehensive … yet I have to say, if I were to look back, would I have done anything differently? Most definitely not. 😛

Though honestly, I do get a little insulted when non medical people stereotype medical students/doctors as these people who have no lives. I swear, the other day even my standardized patient partially insulted me in such a fashion!! I was surprised …. luckily I think I still managed to pass the exam though hehe.

Just this entire process of preparing for residency is kind of scary … and exciting at the same time. The idea of my life in a new place, with finally the job of my dreams!! What I’ve been waiting for these past 8 … no wait 9 years (since I did take a year off working which I’m glad actually did happen) of all the blood, sweat, and tears. And though I do realize this is not the light at the end of the tunnel, that I will be constantly learning throughout my career, I can’t help but think that the biggest hump will be over soon …

I just do hope that I’m doing the right thing … even though you continue to drag your feet to have faith in yourself, we as human beings still need some form of encouragement or words to indicate that we’re making some sort of right choice in our lives.

On another note, I’ve recently developed this new desire of dying my hair red …. not like a blazing, emo-like combination of red and black but rather, a tasteful dark red wine kind of color …. like this possibly?

I’m feeling this sort of wild streak lately … of course I don’t plan to do this till after residency interviews (professional purposes!!). The tricky thing with dyed red hair is you gotta be careful with what you wear with it. Sigh … but I do want to style my hair somehow before beginning residency!! And this short hair is starting to get to me as every time I blow dry it, it does this little funky curling bouncy number that doesn’t pull off the effect that I want … or at least that I don’t want through a camera lens.

So that’s my tidbits for the day.

Hehe, now that I have the option to not listen to my alarm clock, I have trouble actually getting up when it goes off. Sigh, the temptation to snooze is just too great!! Because I will not be able to do this again for a while …

It’s funny how realizing that you have the freedom to do certain things can be really empowering. In a world where we have to squeeze ourselves into certain shapes and sizes whether it be to get that new perfect job or to just present yourself in a certain way, when you realize you still have the option to do things your own way, it’s pretty awesome. And that’s when we get a breather out.

Seriously, it’s the little things that matter the most.


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