One year.

So it’s been a year since it all started … I can’t believe it.

And though I’ve been moving forward, the memory continues to linger. Just memories of moments, the starting of events here and there … and now the pondering of how I managed to really like someone despite warning signs. It’s just those little events you recall that manage to really hurt. Honestly, I try not to linger on the past …. but your mind kind of just flows in that direction even though you don’t mean it to.

Although you hope to be able to be completely over it all, in truth, when you’ve invested yourself emotionally, you really can’t entirely escape from it all … only embrace it as a part of yourself now, just that there was such a past in existence and memories ….

This song kind of explains my current mood.

Taio Cruz – Feel Again

But don’t you worry … I’m moving forward full force, finding myself, and excited for what the future has to bring!! Senior year, I am here.


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