When some people enjoy explaining their reasons behind liking various fashion styles, interior designs, photography styles, etc. I seem to have a hobby of watching music videos I like over and over again …. particularly when they have fun dance moves. I swear I don’t know what it is but I just have to watch the film over and over again, to see what moves I like and whatnot.

Remember that song “I Need a Girl” from my previous post?? There are several moves I enjoy viewing 1000x over without getting sick of it. There’s one where the main singer kinda shakes his shoulders up and down …. egad, I thought that was so adorable!! You can’t help it when a guy pursues you in such a fashion hehe. Also, I just can’t get over the song …. the notes just make me swoon and each time I watch the music video, I can’t help but feel … let’s say, classy but sexy? And o so confident. 😉

Let’s just say Taeyang is sort of becoming the Ne Yo equivalent in Korea. He knows how to make a woman want him. 😉


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