Funny story.

So about 3 weekends ago I went to a restaurant with an old friend to catch up on old times (considering our old times consisted of when we were first interviewed for medical school and since then we’ve just been FB friends) and here was an interesting conversation I had with the waiter.

Me: I’d like to order (name I can’t recall) champagne drink.

Waiter: Sure, may I see your ID?

Me: Ok. (Give him my ID.)

Waiter: Thank you.

A few moments later, waiter returns.

Waiter: Is that a fake ID?

Me: Ummm ……….. NO.

Waiter: Are you sure?

Me: YEA ….. has anyone ever responded yes to that question before (meaning original question about the fake ID)?

Waiter: You just look so young I couldn’t believe the birthdate on your ID!!

At that moment I just thought, you really could have worded that differently. I just hope he was a newbie and not someone who has been habitually working in that style ….


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