As much as I enjoy being a part of the social network, it sometimes gives me this feeling of the “grass being greener on the other side”. With this hermit life of me studying day in, day out and parts of my night, I’ll see pictures people post and sometimes feel jealous …. actually it’s quite often of friends hanging out. I hate feeling that way at times because I know these friends weren’t doing it on purpose …. yet you can’t help but wonder every now and then.

Now when a guy you were sort of dating for almost a year does this without your knowledge …. that’s a dealbreaker right there.

I have officially hit the point where I even dream about the material I’ve been studying. And in order to prevent distractions, I’ve reduced the time I spend on FB as much as I can. Yet … when you’re in this lonely corner all the time of studying, you need some form of social outlet and that’s when FB comes in handy. However, I’ve been avoiding posting any form of a status update because no matter how little, I know that’s going to attract attention to my profile which I would like to avoid right now (at least until this monstrosity of an exam passes).

Then you see all these people and their lives, their relationships and wonder …. why does it seem like everyone’s better off than me? When in truth, everyone has their own problems …. (hence, why I also try to be wary of what I post).

Hehe but all we can do is smile and continue to move forward. 😀

The second one of Rachel Bilson I just threw in because I just thought it was a cute picture. =P

Lately I’ve begun to notice what an elegant color lavender is. No, not purple but the lighter, softer feeling of lavender. As much as I continue to love the color blue (particularly turquoise), I have to agree, different colors evoke different emotions in the people looking at you. I don’t know how well a lavender dress would look on me but it looks absolutely stunning on Zoe Saldana.

I remember when she first started with the movie Center Stage. Gosh, now that I recall, the acting was awkward but I did enjoy watching all the dances. 😀 That and the performances were just so pretty. Anyway, I recall how Zoe was such a firecracker in that film but her image as a woman has gradually become one of powerful elegance and beauty. She is truly one beautiful and talented actress.

Hehe and now I shall resume my studies … but before I go, I am going to leave one more photo behind just because I thought it was pretty. 🙂

Now if I could only figure out how to edit my layout in my own way … kinda want something girly and soft as a background.


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