I like ….

Gerbera daisies. They are my favorite flowers!! Just so extremely friendly and colorful … for some reason, I identify with the gerberas than I do with roses (though roses in themselves are extremely elegant flowers).

So as an impromptu, I’ve decided to just list a bunch of things that I know that I like … I guess kind of a catharsis in uplifting my mood on this study break.

I like:

– to watch old Sex and the City episodes on study breaks, to enjoy the colors of the clothes and shoes, to help me remember what it feels like to be a woman

– changing my toenail colors according to my mood

– looking up pretty clothes even though I won’t buy them (because I’ll have no events to wear them to)

– putting on make up just for fun after not having done it in a while

– cleaning dishes (yes you read that correctly)

– taking a new route home just for the adventure (regardless of how small it can be)

– meeting new people

– smiling, laughing

– cute little kids

– planning random events (little get-togethers, movie dates with friends etc etc)

– alcohol (need I say more :-P), particularly the girl friendly kind but I also do enjoy an “exotic” (Mexico, Germany, Belgium) beer every now and then hehe

– learning new languages despite how much I will end up struggling learning them

– exploring, traveling

– keeping in touch with old friends

– being retarded every now and then

– being mischievous or feisty every now and then 😉

– blogging


spending time with any good friends

– cute anime pictures that I could use as either a desktop or cell phone background

– hearing about my nephews’ new developments

– good food, good desserts

– Whataburger taquitos

– In N’ Out burgers

– sharing Korean ramen out of the pot

– reminiscing

– the little things (and sometimes the big things but it’s always the little things that make all the difference!!)

– stuff in pink, purple/lavender, blue


– nice perfumes

– pretty watches

Sooooo …. just a small list that I thought of randomly while in the shower. As my outlet here, I wanted to jot it down.

Back to the studying ….


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