Well I guess I sort of cheated. I actually took this picture last month but I loved the feeling the pink daisies gave off (like my love for gerberas) so I am posting it here!!

First day back on the wards … as much as I’d loved my previous experience with it, I felt this enormous feeling of laziness when I was there today … or was it hesitation? Hesitation as I was back somewhere I’d been familiar with before but in a different mindset … and trying to wrap my head around that new mindset was making me tired. It seems that senioritis has come upon me …. at least I do hope that’s what it is. I keep wondering where my enthusiasm for this field has disappeared off to, if I could, I would definitely like to rekindle it. I’m realizing all this bullcrap in some parts of primary care that people really don’t like to put up with …. yet I have not found enough reason for that to turn me away from this field. There will be bumps in the road in whatever specialty I choose, this just happens to be one of those days … I’m hoping.


2 thoughts on “

  1. aizkim says:

    cheated or not, this photo is just lovely. I agree, the color is just beautiful. Happy August Break!

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