Pictures from the White Linen art event in New Orleans!!

I have been going annually to each event for the past 3 years … it is sad to think that last night would be my last. Though it’s pretty much the same thing each year (with the exception of new artwork from new galleries), it’s just a good reason to just party with the people in the city. After all, New Orleans sure does know/loves to party. 😉

Work is getting better … I feel I’m getting a better grasp at it though I get the impression that my intern doesn’t like me very much … for reasons I don’t understand. Initially I may have come off as ditzy as I wasn’t accustomed to everything and he may have just looked down on me (he’s going into derm …. so there might be a possibility of him doing so as he does have the brains). Yet despite my constant offering to help, if I make minor mistakes, he really harps on it …. when the upper level resident rarely ever makes me do anything (though I work hard as it is a rotation I’d like to do well in).

Sigh … just gotta keep in mind that you’ll always run into characters when you have to rotate so often. Ironically I’ve never had this experience where an upper level would kinda just not like me from the bat for reasons I can’t understand. I mean, does he feel like he’s competing with me because I’m trying to work to the level of an intern? Sigh who knows …. whatever, I’m not going to make a big deal out of it as patient’s lives are at stake here, so I’ll do what I can to help the team but I’m not going to bend my back over extensively to get this intern’s approval.

On another note, my good friend’s blog entry that briefly touched on how she was going to go see Step Up 3D gave me the courage to go see the movie by myself as well hehe. I was really entertained by this movie as I love all dance movies, especially the Step Up series!! Plus they had my favorite character in there again … Harry Shrum Jr. (he’s been a dancer in all the dance movies and is now a part of the Glee cast)!!! Omg, his dance moves just make my heart throb like no other … it’s just hot. Back in college, I was one who easily went out to movies and did things alone on her own but lately, I’m feeling lonesome. It’s become harder for me to enjoy things by myself, I really want someone else to share it with. Sigh … with time whatever happens will happen. No need to rush, no need to worry, just trust the process. 😀

Last Friday, I went to the outlet mall with my friend and bought some dresses and cute shoes for such a great bargain (as it was tax free weekend)!!! I’ll have a post where I’m wearing everything … one is a tube dress and I’m super excited about it as a good majority of tube dresses have never really looked good on me … yet I’ve always wanted to wear one as they have that classy, elegant feeling.

Gotta love bargain shopping ….


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