Outfit post.

Unfortunately, without a beautiful SLR, I am a bit limited as to what I can do with my outfit photos … that and living alone and barely being able to find a proper place to place my camera for a shot prevents me to being able to produce more beautiful photos.

But!!! That aside … I shall present to you my recent purchases. 😀

Pink tube dress – Guess

Teal frill dress – Banana Republic

white pumps – Nine West

I got all these at the outlet stores this past weekend!! The dresses were under $20 which made me super excited …. and the white heel purchase was sort of an impulse buy, I totally am glad I did it!! Initially, I was going for the black shoes but goodness, white heels have a different appeal of their own!! I’m so glad I got them. 😀

This will be my very first tube dress ever … I evaded wearing them previously because with my broad shoulders, I didn’t think they could ever look good on me because I felt the automatic effect was to make my shoulders wide. However, it wasn’t the case!! So I snatched this baby up as soon as I could.

Please disregard the messy hair as I’d just jumped out of the shower and had been drying it … I barely have any time these days to even put on make up in the morning, I’m lucky if I get to wash my face … I probably could put more time into it but I’m just too exhausted.

Work has gotten better, I’m actually enjoying it more now though my upper level intern still tends to lash out randomly at me … and then ironically, if I get the job done, says “good job!!” so it’s very confusing. Oh well, as long as we get the job done.


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