A photo of one of my favorite lounges here in NOLA.

Today one of my old residents is celebrating her 30th at a bar beginning at Happy Hour at 4 PM. I initially was excited to go but as time went by and I continued to work, the thought of having to meet and greet and socialize and make small talk just made my head feel tired. I barely have enough time in a day to make enough catch up/small talk with my close friends let alone start from a blank slate with people I’d never met before.

Gosh … I feel like I need a livelier social life. Yet there’s a point you reach when you’re worked so hard to the bone that you just want to be with people you don’t have to present yourself with a mask on. I feel like I should be out meeting new people but I don’t have enough energy to do so. I mean, I practically do that everyday!! Well … “meet”. Now if it were a dinner outing with friends, I’d jump to it but otherwise … don’t have the energy to meet new people. With this much exhaustion, you want such events to happen naturally … and when you’re feeling so tired, a lot of things don’t come naturally.

I’m sure I have a great social life as it is. 🙂 I guess I’m just a little saddened to think that I don’t have the energy to do things I used to be able to pull off with such ease back in college. Though it is good to have a lot of me time hehe. At least for me now, I’m watching the Saints preseason game.


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