So I decided to post pictures of pearls to offer a chic feminine flair for today’s post. 😉 Like I said before, my mission is to post a picture or pictures daily on my blog (I guess essentially making it a photoblog) that resemble my mood of the day … or just for the heck of it. BUT!! The rules are that I post a picture daily. 😀 …. or at least try to hehehe.

Maybe I just never want to grow up … is that what it is?

This denial to face the reality of the world, the reality of the current state of healthcare …. I am aware how much it sucks but it’s not enough to turn me away from the specialty I want to pursue. I am not willing to wake up from this dream and would like to continue as a dreamer … there was this Korean rap song I heard which lyrics ran along the lines of “a dreamer is someone who’s alive and breathes”. It basically talked about the hardships of being a hip hop artist but despite difficulties, they will never let their dream die.

Now that’s passion for ya.

I just applied for a medical mission trip to Romania because I feel that that trip will remind me why I truly wanted to pursue medicine to begin with … I love working at student clinics and helping out yet these rotations have worn me down to lose sight of it all.

I want to revamp, I want to rejuvenate, I want to feel passionate again, to truly recall where my love for all of this stemmed from to begin with.

Oh yes and today I tried the Baci ice cream flavor at a nearby local gelato ice cream shop here and it was amazing. Basically the flavor is chocolate hazelnut, I believe Baci translates to Italian Kiss.

This flavor totally hit the spot for me today … ❤


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