Do you believe in signs and fate??

I do though I rarely vocally express it. In a sense the belief that something was meant to be or a preparation for something more can really change a person’s outlook on life by so much it is incredible.
So this past weekend I thought I had lost one of my new pink socks that my mom had just bought and given to me over the summer while she was visiting. After wearing them once, I washed the socks with the rest of my laundry and after drying them thought I had lost one because I couldn’t find it anywhere!! Well just now after studying a bit and getting ready for bed I noticed it lying in a random corner by my dresser. This discovery elated me so much it got me to think, this is a sign!!! It is a good sign, that things are going to turn around, that no matter what all will work out in the end. I am not exactly superstitious but I do believe things happen for a reason and that there is a universal balance to life.
Oh I am so elated, I have no doubt things will look up now!!!!


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