It was today one of my patients showed me the type of person that inspired me to pursue the career path I’m on right now. She is a young girl with cancer and today with the time I had, I joined her in some role playing. She decided to play the role of a doctor. I have to say, I was incredibly amazed at how much medical terminology she picked up on with the multiple cycles of chemotherapy she’s had to undergo … and then it struck me. I realized then, it was probably this role model image that I was instilling onto her, everything she did reflected what I did when I examined her in the morning, and as often I performed these physicals, seeing patients, I forget that patients will remember what I did hence, what I do in the wee hours of the morning when I see them in their rooms while I’ve slept for about 3 hours really does matter. And seeing how I might have reflected onto someone … it just reminded me why I wanted to be a doctor again. That’s how it felt, that’s what I saw … but why don’t I feel like I’m there? Why don’t I feel like that person in the shiny coat, who seems to know everything, with the authority, with the power, authority, and privilege to make such great changes?

And I was reminded again why I came this far and why I was willing to move forward.

This one child had really taught me everything that I seemed to have forgotten of.

On another note, I bought two new pairs of fabulous shoes for a discount … the only thing is that the boots are for skinny jeans which I’ve never owned in my life as I usually like to reduce how my butt presents in clothes.

But now I feel it’s time for a change!! At least for the sake of my new boots and those that I already own …. 🙂 American Eagle, here I come!!


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