This is my medicine resident’s toaster. 😛 After I watched the Saints season opening parade with her and some other resident friends of hers, we went back to her place to pick up some stuff prior to watching the actual game when this adorable thing caught my eye!! And no she’s not Asian … 😉 All you people out there thinking all Asians automatically have to love Hello Kitty are wrong!! I may own one of its items but I’m not a sucker for Hello Kitty …. though she (or he? I never quite figured that out) is pretty adorable on a toaster!!!

So I figured I’d squeeze this into my post for today.

And these (!!!) are my new beautiful boots from Style and Co. I bought from Macy’s store online (though I had an episode of issues with them in the past for a pair of gold heels I can’t help it but I still love Macy’s … and shopping online while being so busy). Those jeans are the skinny jeans from American Eagle I got my hands on for $30!!! They looked great with all the boots I owned hehehehe.

I apologize, please excuse the messy background as I have my notes scattered everyone on my bedroom floor but needed the full length mirror to capture the shot of my fabulous new purchases.

Gosh I love being a girl, life is so good.


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