What a great word.

I swear, who came up with it?

Whenever I say it to myself, it just gives me this boost of confidence that I always need …. a mix of feeling intelligent yet still being feminine with a hint of feeling flirty, this word holds it all.

Lately, I think I’ve become brazen enough to pull off some small mischievous things as I know enough to discern between things that I must do and things I can avoid doing for better efficiency …. and ironically, this slight sense of feeling a little bad can really give a girl this enjoyment of feeling just darn right …. fabulous … ok I might have failed in expressing myself well enough there hehe. 😛

On another note, did you hear about Lady Gaga’s meat dress worn at the VMA awards?

As much as I adore Lady Gaga, this really was a bit much for me. A meat dress? Ewwww …. the thought of wearing raw meat o goodness …. how can you handle it? All that bacteria and possible parasites who knows ….. let’s just say this is not my way of wanting to look good … ever.


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