What is it with fear …

I feel as though there are moments that I desire to do well so much that it results in fear of failing … and hence, my incapability of really achieving more than I actually do. What is it with ambition and the fear to fail? I hate this feeling of living in fear every now and then … the fear to be judged, the fear to not get a good review, etc etc …. and then when it happens, I really need a moment to breathe away from it all. I hear and read about these resident’s stories and their experience with working on the wards, their failures, their successes, ack, and I just wonder … can I really handle it all? Will I be able to avoid failing under the pressure of living under the scrutiny of many?

Does the meaning of doctor really have to carry so much fear with it as well …. it seems as though passion isn’t enough sometimes …

Why it is all like this I really don’t know ….


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