I don’t know what it is with my newfound obsession of reminiscing of my trip to Europe from a few years ago. There just seems to be some kind of romantic vibe of the ambience of the everything in Europe and what you see there … and the more pictures you take, there’s more for you to remember. 🙂

For some people, work seems to become a thing where you experience very little encouragement so when you do, it’s almost like, you can’t really trust it. The first thought that crosses your mind is, are you just pulling my leg here? Sometimes after all this hard work, it’s really hard to reflect and appreciate how much you’ve learned and become …. because most of the time, we’re working hard to look forward, trying not to hear so much criticism. At least for me, I’ve become accustomed to hearing, you can improve on this, you can improve on that, I find it very odd when someone says, “You did a good job.” All I can do is move forward with my work, make sure ends get tied, I don’t feel that I can expect anything much otherwise out of it … I mean, that’s not why I pursued this career in the first place.

Do what you love … and know why you love it. That’s such a strong key importance.


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