It’s the good ones who always get screwed.

I just had a random flashback of talking to one of my interns about how she was more of the “giving” type of personality in the relationship so she felt that she’d have trouble finding someone who would be good to her. I felt that way at one point as well, it seemed as though when I felt like I was giving more to the man at the sacrifice of almost losing myself, I really liked someone, probably to the point of being crazy about them.

However, after my share of joyful experiences with men, I realize that this is not the case. Even women with a sincere heart will eventually be able to weed out the idiots and find those who truly deserve their hearts and souls … that’s what comes with dating too many insecure retards who just aren’t mature enough to realize that they’re about to lose the best thing that ever happened to them. Ladies, just know who you are and what you want!! Eventually, the right man will come along and you’ll know when it’s him. 🙂


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