Fake it till you make it.

Well, you’re not exactly “faking” it … but I guess what the term “faking” here means is, you put a smile on your face even though you’re about to crumble inside … you work your ass off for something you love even in truth, you feel like going home all the time. You put a mask on your face and show the world that you can really do this, that really you want it that much, that’s why despite how tired, exhausted, and ready to collapse you feel on the inside, all the world can see is how strong you are, how capable you are of handling everything on the outside.

And that’s what gets you moving forward.

Do you actually feel that way on the inside? Most of the time probably not.

But that’s why we’re only human. Take everything with grace, it’s important to realize how you tend to express yourself on the outside, especially so in circumstances when you’re stressed up the wazoo. Smile even when you don’t feel like it and believe it or not, you’ll believe in it.


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