This is my close friend’s puppy Suki!! She is an absolutely adorable American Eskimo but actually has begun quite spunky/rambunctious … she makes it her business to take authority of the living room and all the people who visit so that none of the other pets of the house can receive petting privileges.

Oh gosh I went to my first day of clinic for my pediatrics rotation and it.was.AMAZING~~~ I swear, hospital work has really drained/exhausted me and I was in desperate need of a break …. now hearing this, I know the internal medicine program at my school works on a 4+1 system where residents always get one week of clinic at the end of their 4 weeks of ward work. Now that sounds truly appealing right now ….. of course, now that I have all this time, I will pour it into studying but dang, I was in need of this time, so I’m not complaining. 🙂

This I guess sort of friend of mine but whom I usually hang out with when I’m hanging out with my close medical school friend mentioned something interesting the other day. She says she can never call someone her best friend … but rather call them her close friends. Because once you label someone your best friend, it just complicates everything, for instance, if you lose touch and they move away …… the label of best friend kind of loses its meaning and then you kind of are in a bind to find a new one … sort of? But I guess it’s just its permanence that makes it complicating and whatnot. I had that feeling too hence after a certain age in my life, I could never really call someone my best friend but rather, a close friend or bestie … 🙂 it’s worked for me thus far~~ And still, it’s rare for me to call someone a close friend.


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