Sigh … it really is hard to appease everyone on this freakin’ planet … which is why I’m slowly developing this habit of not reading evals of myself anymore. It’s really hard to gauge whether it was me or the person evaluating me or both or that we just didn’t mesh at all and we just never were on the same work pace level ever … sigh who knows. After a while of receiving these nonstop, you really gotta find another way again to bring yourself back up. Luckily, I’ve been on a decent high and haven’t felt like I’ve been bombarded with criticism after criticism recently … let’s just hope it stays that way. Let me just say, once you start caring less of what others think of you, I think you do a better job at your work. 😛 Granted you can pull that off very often … Sigh this must be the stress of living as a resident ….. Let’s face it, I’m not perfect, nor are you yet we have to continue to live in this society where we constantly critique one another.

Anyway, I have a new song addiction and it goes back to my previous post with Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. I just love the chorus part where she sings, “I’m gonna make your heart racing in my skin tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight …. let you put your hands on me in my skin tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight.” I just love how those lyrics just roll off your tongue!! They’re so fun hehe. 😀


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