One would be surprised at how one doesn’t go crazy in this field called medicine. You’re just bombarded with all this work, having to learn, move forward, and at the same time hope that people’s judgments land on you with a decent eye. I guess in some people’s eyes I’m just a mediocre student … but I truly love what I’m doing. And I do feel that’s the most important factor of all that keeps me going in this tough line of work where encouragement is rare and discouragement is well … thrown at you almost everyday. You pretty much get accustomed to not hearing much encouragement at all so when you do, it’s almost hard to believe your ears and you really can’t believe it yourself. In a sense, you become a bit cynical? Sad but true ….

Yet if it doesn’t involve something extremely crucial, I think a bit of encouragement everyday couldn’t hurt anyone. I try to make a good habit of saying “thank you” or “please” to those who work around me (i.e. nurses, social workers, etc.) because let’s face it, they’re going through tough times too to help me out, we’re all in this as a team.

This is why I get mini freakout moments …. I want to be competent enough not to drive people on my team crazy but I know I can’t change my entire self.

Ok so as a future physician, I don’t expect to become someone who cures AIDS or discovers some phenomenal new treatment … I don’t have the energy nor the brainpower to advance myself so far. All I can ask for is to become better at what I love doing in small steps. Sure, I’m not that insanely hardcore student who pursues a career in neurosurgery and so his transcript just reads top 5% in every class. I’m not the female ophthalmologist who underwent a six year medical school program combined with college and is now probably the youngest resident in her field of work and since she’s so smart, she has the most laid back demeanor of anyone I’ve ever met in the medical field. Not to mention also pretty ….

Well, all I can say is, I’m doing what I love to do. And despite discouragement, I’m going to move forward, regardless of what others say.

Because I love it that much.

For your entertainment, this is a photo of my friend while she was visiting and the turkey hat she bought on Bourbon St. I swear, I’ve never seen anything like it, it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life!! 😛

Aaaand for the hell of it …. I decided to add in some photos of some gorgeous tulips because they make me happy (but gerberas will always be my first love). 😛

Aaaahhh … that’s better. I think the last photo was taken in Holland. Gosh, I’d love to travel Europe again!!!


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