Sometimes we just all need a little encouragement … even if it’s not exactly accurate, it can really change the results of things.

At least that’s how I feel right now … and the trepidation of the kind of doctor I hope to become but not be able to fulfill is a really terrifying thought. Yet … would it be so bad if I become something else? It’s just ironic as to how blurry this path of life can become sometimes. I just wish there were a clearer picture to give me some guidance every now and then. Bleh.

Overall, you just gotta play the card that’s handed to you well. In life, we’re not entitled to be able to choose what paths we’d like to go on but just adjust to what’s given to us.

O gosh … I can’t wait for November. I look forward to my away rotation in Houston, so excited to be seeing old friends with reunions, maybe even a weekend getaway to Austin!!!! I really do miss the city …. o gosh and I’m glad I still have friends who aren’t all in the medical field so as to continue to keep my sanity together.


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