On another note, I recall back in college, when I felt stressed and wanted an outlet, I would look up pretty Korean celeb photos and save them and just kinda peruse them every now and then … the ambience of their photos and their looks just relaxed me every time. It’s amazing what a pretty face can do to your mood … even when you know it’s the result of multiple trials of plastic surgery (or just one). 😉

So my celeb of the day is the Korean actress Ryeau Won Jung …. at least that was the best way I could spell her name in English. 😛 She made it big with her role on a comedy miniseries called “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” about 4 years ago. I – and probably a good chunk of the Korean nation – fell in love with her “natural” beauty. I mean, a lot of pretty Korean actresses looked so similar this one actually seemed to stand out a little bit. As for her acting? Well, it wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t say out of this world award winning either but I don’t know what it’s like these days anymore …. but besides from that, I loved how she dressed herself up and whenever she smiled … it just gave this peaceful aura.

O gosh the weather right now is so nice … I love autumn, did I ever tell you that? I was also born in that season. It kind of brings this calm to everything …..


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