Fall is here.

I feel as though this is the season of musing. What is it with the ambiance of the leaves changing color and just that anticipation that the weather will be getting colder? It’s moments like these I wish I were living somewhere where I can truly appreciate the change in season … the best I get down here in the south is a not-so-scorchingly humid day. The leaves continue to be green and then all of a sudden the temperature drops to just slightly above freezing, and the leaves just suddenly disappear … or I guess then they decide to change color and that’s when you feel like it’s fall when it’s actually winter hehe. It feels more like spring right now rather than fall. Back home in Korea, fall was one of my favorite seasons, just with all the leaves falling and the change of color, it was so breathtaking to see. And living in Canada for a year, that was when you definitely saw the beauty of the change in seasons … though the cold in the winter really turned me off from ever wanting to live in any place as cold as there again.

It is this peace and serenity that I just want to last forever … gosh, I miss home so much it’s making me ache. I just wish it weren’t 12 hours away by plane. 😦

You know what is a good movie to watch when you feel like autumn? Under the Tuscan Sun. It is by far one of my all time favorite films using the backdrop of Tuscany, Italy … absolutely gorgeous!! Makes any viewer want to visit Italy in the outskirts of the busy, bustling city of Florence.


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