Pink galore!!!

Out of sheer love for the color, I decided to write this post about these adorable iphone cases that I came across on I truly did fall in love with the sparky jeweled designs and even the Hello Kitty prints!! Despite my Asian gene, alas, I am not a crazy fan of Hello Kitty … but I have to admit it’s cute. I just am not one of those people who overdoes it. The ironic fact is that my medical student ID has a kitty clip on it and everyone (I am not kidding here) thinks it’s Hello Kitty though it just happened to be an animal clip sold in the bookstore of which the color happened to match my white coat.

So I had a sudden epiphany today … I’ve decided to try and schedule myself for an away rotation in Hawaii … can you believe it?! Oh gosh the thought just got me super duper excited!! I’ve always wanted to go there and I could just sign myself up for a laid back rotation and travel a good chunk of the time …. omg that would be so amazing!!! I mean, unfortunately, my plans to go to Bogota, Colombia fell through as the city seems to be in heavy turmoil lately with bombings and whatnot … let’s just say I wasn’t that desperate to go somewhere international when so much danger was lurking around.

We’ll see how it all pans out … but I’m super excited.

Also, I worked in the pediatric heme-onc clinic today and really had a great experience. I’ve always liked the particular attending I was working with today, despite patient complications she explains everything so clearly and made it all sound so easy, and it just reignited my passion to learn more about heme-onc. I’ve always found the subject very interesting to learn about but was quite intimidated at all the problems that rose … however, this physician always made it seem so simple and straightforward!! I have to say, that’s how I like things to get done …. no muss, no fuss, just pure treatment for the patient’s condition.

So it made me look forward to my upcoming away rotation as it is in adult hematology. 😀


One thought on “Pink galore!!!

  1. I loooove these cell phone cases! These are exactly what I would buy if they had covers made for my phone. 🙂 My phone is still a little new so I can’t find any good ones. Just plain ol’ black for me for now.

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