What a night.

I haven’t drank that much on a night on the town in a while … though I didn’t think I had that much, my body begged to differ this morning. O gosh …. I’m getting old …. it’s getting harder for my metabolism to keep up anymore … hence why I do this every blue moon. Sadly, I was disappointed in the club my friends and I investigated as it was a place that someone we knew had opened recently. Aaahhh really wish some places didn’t take $10 cover …. we need money for our drinks!!! The music wasn’t that great either and I’m sure the fact that there were so little people leading to a very quiet dance floor didn’t help either. Just your average typical night out on the town in New Orleans. 🙂

So one of my friends has been hinting at me to try to hook up with some guys that she’s met but let me just say, I’m not tempted at all. They all just seem too …. young (mentally). Not exactly agewise but moreso, attitudewise. At this point, I really would like to filter out the little boys in my life. I’m pretty much done having to deal with guys who can’t handle me or just are living life for whatever. There are so many things that I desire in my future and it has not been easy trying to find someone who is willing to give a good chunk of it to me …. or at least try to.


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