Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

O goodness, what would I do without the.

I recently made some similar looking wedge flat purchases from Target:


I first laid eyes on the pink pair and immediately I thought, I must have!! Though they weren’t the most comfortable pair initially, I think I’ve begun to break them in. So ….. as I’ve been in need of some decently comfortable black flats, I purchased a second pair online recently. 😛 Usually I wouldn’t go out this far for more shoes (as I’ve purchased way too many within this past year …. it has a direct relationship with the amount of stress I undergo) but I just happened to fall in love with the pink ones and just really needed the black pair hehehe. I love how they make clickedy noises when I walk around the clinic floors but that probably is not a good sign as I’m still only a lowly student. 😛

Nonetheless, I feel so feminine when I wear these!!

Another set of pairs that I loved:

Though the gold pair was on sale for $7, I really had to refrain from ending up owning three pairs of the same shoes. 😛 That and I tend to not wear light colored shoes too well since they get dirty quickly.

And aren’t the cheetah prints just adorable? Yet those shoes just look too flat for my feet …. I usually need a bit of arch or heel when I wear flats.


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