No joke.

I have been using my frequent flyer miles and getting subscriptions to Elle and Vogue (yes, crazy idea, I mean how many people would sacrifice their miles for magazines? Unfortunately, I was one of those clueless ones).

In a recent October issue of Elle, I came across some beautiful photos of 20-something actresses and the interviews with them. I’ve always been in love with fashion photography so I picked out several from that issue that I really liked. I’ve noticed that I have a weird way of really liking things …. I can never explain why, it’s moreso with feeling. The thought of that certain something just attracts me to it. I wish I could be more descriptive about it but unfortunately, that seems to be something I’m not very good at. I don’t think just going with your feelings is the best way to get about in the medical world.

As for now, I’ll entertain you with these lovely pictures I found via Elle.

I have to say, I’ve developed a strong liking towards Amanda Seyfried. After watching Mamma Mia, I’ve realized that she’s played such a large diversity of roles from the extremely comical role she had in Mean Girls to the passionate romantic in Dear John. For a while, I had trouble breaking away from the extremely clueless character she played in Mean Girls but now I’ve developed a fondness for her and the roles she’s played. Looking forward to seeing more from her work!!


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