Not much to write about as of today.

So I leave you with this picture. 🙂

It was during the dirty linen event in NOLA.

O gosh it was quite the humid, hot day …. now I’m relieved we’re rid of that, I just wish it would get cooler now and stop lingering in the 80’s.

O you can’t have ’em all now can ya~~~

Why is it that as we get older, we feel the pressure to keep the mood going at social events? Like if you start to interact with people, you feel the pressure to keep the ball rolling with regards to keeping conversation flowing? What is it with adults and having to maintain a certain environment and whatnot … it’s an interesting thing I notice more and more as I get older … the lulls in conversations tend to appear more easily than you may expect them to. But does that mean you had a bad time? Not necessarily … as long as my recollection of the event makes me feel happy, I believe that I truly had a great time. Sigh, is this why some people drink so much at social events? So they can avoid those awkward silences?

In the end, you just gotta embrace them. They’ll always be there and they’re just a part of feeling that second wind of interaction. How do couples maintain a level of conversation where silence is comfortable and they don’t feel the need to force themselves to talk to each other?

I recently saw this movie called Date Night. It was actually really good, not exactly too much like 30 Rock style though I absolutely adore Tina Fey. It starts off with this married couple in Jersey who live with their two children, living a simple, boring life but getting somewhat concerned that their marriage has lost the zest that many couples continue to have … or don’t have because they give up on each other feeling that they weren’t happy. On their date nights, they’d be extremely tempted to talk about home and the kids. It is true, you have to make a night out go well or at least make an effort to especially when your life is always bombarded with busy busyness. You still need to try to find that balance that there’s something else in your life you can talk about other than just your work.

I look forward to the day I can sit in silence with someone without the awkward lulls … or at least we’d be comfortable with them.


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