A Walk down Memory Lane.

You’d be surprised at what you find in your iTunes playlist, especially if you’re like me who never deletes her music but only continues to pile up more … unlike photos, there’s no point in putting music onto an external drive because you want quick access to it!!! Hence, when my documents pile up, I start to move school stuff, videos, and pictures onto external hard drives because I can’t live with slow access to music …. I gotta have it when I want it.

There was this Korean drama that I remember watching o gosh … maybe senior year of college? I remember watching something either after studying for MCAT, super cheesy, it basically danced around the theme of a present day Korea where the royal family had a significant politic status and continued to thrive in the country. So the main male character is to be the future “king” (it’s just funny to say that because any form of royal family pretty much has dissipated in the country since when Japan first colonized it) and he goes to a special private high school and finds out some girl he’s betrothed to marry … and unfortunately, he can’t stand her and apparently has another girlfriend already. To make a long story short, they end up having to get married by force, live together, then of course one falls for the other and the other way around, just not exactly at the same time, and then the drama drags on until they finally are happy together tehehehehe.

Despite the somewhat cliched plot of the show, I loved the soundtrack to it. It just had this lovely, giddy feeling to it that brought out similar emotions in myself whenever I listened to it. So to share my trip down memory lane, I attach the clip to two songs I absolutely adored back in the day.

Goong (means Palace in Korean) OST – Perhaps Love, Give me a Little Try

Yes I know the titles don’t make any sense and I didn’t make any of the videos, just wanted to present you with the songs. 😛


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