The sound of the city.

I have to say, there are those people who love living in the big cities and those who cannot stand them.

I would be one of the former. Lately, when I come home, I’ve developed this habit of opening my apartment windows up to the city sound. Of course, the extent of the noise I would hear is the traffic going by, trucks driving across the road in front of my apartment …. but you’d be surprised as to how much alive you feel when you hear this kind of noise especially when going to coffee shops only becomes more and more distracting when you need the least amount of distraction possible but just plain quiet is just too much.

I remember as a girl growing up in the big metropolis in Korea, every time I visited home during vacation time in college, I enjoyed watching the streets get bustling around 5 AM every morning. It was funny because I’d still be super jet lagged so I would’ve been up since about 2 AM, fooling around on the computer, just doing nothing but largely enjoying the silence of the city. And then in a few hours, it really kicks into action and you can see it all. It just makes you think how strong the effect of human community can have in making one feel so alive.

Hence, my conclusion, I don’t think I could ever live in a city smaller than New Orleans. I’ve done rotations in small towns in Louisiana and I have to say, it was easy for me to go insane …. thank goodness they were rotations for just a month. Otherwise, I would’ve gone out of my mind.

One bonafide city girl here!!

On another note, I just discovered that Hulu has Korean dramas on it!! Not that I am a huge fanatic of them, I think I probably grew out of them once I started college back in the States …. I swear, you hit a point where you’ve seen them all when you’ve grown up on having easy access to these. However, watching this one might be fun and it kind of made me nostalgic of home (which I haven’t been to in nearly 1.5 years …. well it will be 1.5 years by the time I actually go back … I sometimes am surprised at how my family and I maintain the relationship we have despite the huge distance in between). Anyway, the drama show is called Pasta and it’s about a girl who aspires to become a great pasta chef and runs into havoc when a new chief chef is hired for the restaurant and turns out to be very hardcore. Haha, being the jaded one who’s seen many of these, I already know how the show is gonna go down but for its comical effect, I wouldn’t mind watching it for some entertainment especially since I need some break away from my usual studies these days … and it’s not one of those sad ones that drive you crazy with depression either (or at least I hope it won’t)!!

The types of shows that I’ve lost tolerance for now are medically related shows …. possibly because it reminds me of work. Not that I heavily dislike my work, I just need a good amount of space from it when I get the chance, that way when I go back, I can get back into full gear with it!!

Somehow Korea always manages to take the cake when it comes to making drama shows … hehehehe.


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