I wish there were more signs of autumn where I live … of course, that translates to much suffering in the winter which I really cannot tolerate. But!!! I’m missing out on one of my favorite seasons of the year … it feels like spending Christmas without a Christmas tree. 😦 Where is faaaaaaaaalllllllllll~~

There are certain casual autumn outfits that I tend to fall in love with around this time of the year. There was this spread that Amanda Seyfried did in Allure magazine which I thought was lovely especially for this season!! Love autumn casual clothes~~

Gosh this spread just seems to scream autumn!!

And another piece of music I recently picked up on during my drama craze … It’s called Fate by some new Korean group called Every Single Day. They don’t sing in this number though but the music is just so soothing~ I think it gives me the feel of autumn moreso than winter though the drama show was based during the cold winter months.

Fate by Every Single Day (I think) – please excuse the Korean, the guy is basically declaring his love to the girl




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