Happy Old Hallow’s Eve

Happy Halloween everyone!! I took this photo last night at the sushi restaurant my friend’s fiance is head chef at where we devoured ourselves in lovely delights prior to going into a drinking frenzy (well not as frenzy as I’d pictured in my head because I was too exhausted to drink after a certain point … or stand even). Since I wouldn’t be in town for the Halloween festivities that take over the city every year (I seriously can’t believe I’m not there right now … and the thought of how crazy it’s gonna be kinda gets me a little jealous that I’m not there right now), I did a good chunk of my celebrations last night where I dressed as Lady Gaga from her days of Just Dance and Pokerface (straight blond hair and lightening bolt). Little did I realize that any sort of straight blond hair on an Asian girl = looking like an anime character …. just any character that may not even exist. Darn you, cosplays!!

Otherwise, I’ve settled in my temporary home for the next month in Houston after a grueling 5 hour drive from New Orleans. I swear, it’s been a while since I’ve made such a journey and after a certain point, no matter what music I play, nothing works enough to keep me awake.

I have to say, though, it’s nice to have a change of scenery. Though this is not my first time doing a rotation away from home for a month. Each time I do tend to get homesick … though I feel like it might be a little different this time since I’m in Houston and will be visiting my alma mater this weekend!!! Aaaaahhhhh so excited!! I haven’t been to Austin since I graduated!!

As for now, just relaxing and watching the Saints game hoping they win this one well.

Have a great Halloween everyone!! Gosh, is it already that time of the year? Wish me luck on my first day on the hematology rotation!! Can’t wait!!!


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