Too much craziness!!

I swear, lately I feel like there has been this sudden downpour of people’s moods onto me. As much as I do love some of my friends, I’ve been seriously needing some space from them. All has become a bit reminiscent of how the road would get rocky back in college …. especially one I lived with and was not far from wanting to beat the crap out of something from the frustration.

And now, my resident continues to demand everyday for me to finish a case report on a case I showed interest in. Today was a bit of a tense day between him and the lower level resident …. o gosh, that was not pretty. I just thought, please don’t get me involved, please!! I beg of you …. Seriously, your problems are your problems, do not make me take sides.

Aaaack, and then one of my close friends pretty much asked if she could stay with my parents and I in Korea … first off, I will be in no state to be playing tour guide this time when I go home, second, the place I live in back at home is too tiny to be able to house any guests …. and considering how short it takes for this girl to drive me crazy, I think it would be a better idea if she stayed in a hotel or something.

Yes, I’m sorry, I probably sound extremely evil here but it’s a good way to describe how things around me have seriously picked up a crazy pace …. when did it all just get engulfed into this crazy whirlwind? And how did it all come to me wanting my space back again ….

Ugh, thank goodness I have Glee to entertain me always.


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