My oh my how the month has flown by (wow that actually rhymed, totally unintentional!!).

I really had the greatest learning experience while I was here and I feel that this rotation has made me realized how much more of an oncologist I want to become (maybe even more than heme-oncology). I just find the disease physiology so interesting and how it acts so bizarrely and a disease with such high mortality, if treated properly can save a patient’s life. The research in the field of cancer continues to grow tremendously with new discoveries on medications and chemotherapy that can really prolong, even save entirely, a patient’s life. I really had a great experience while I was here, it is too bad that it is coming to an end soon … but I have to say, I’ve gotten a little “homesick” of New Orleans. One of my friends is currently interviewing there and I offered him to stay at my apartment but dang, hearing him mention about my place back there made me realize how much I missed it!!

On another note, I’m currently on the fence of buying one of the many moto jackets they are currently selling at Target. I wear my friend’s once while I was in Austin and I really did end up loving it …. but when I think back now , to what extent? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an absolutely awesome new trend, I’m just trying to decipher if it is one for me or not, if in the long run I’ll continue to wear this (because I tend to buy clothes that I like based on how universal the trend can be and how much I like it … of course that and how I feel in the outfit).

Ok off to conference … more to blog about later.


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