What is it with people having the desire to identify with something they know? Especially during the toughest times, it’s always comforting to have that memory, or particular place you always went to to visit every now and then in order to remind yourself there’s still something real in all of this …. that you still have something to let your heart stay attached to.

I don’t know what it is, despite the fact that I’m in the city where a good chunk of my friends are, I’m feeling a bit lonely tonight … having this desire to tell someone “I miss them” …. isn’t it ironic? There isn’t anyone in particular, every now and then when I’m a bit lonely and the going gets rough, I enjoy the thought of having someone I can just say “I miss you so much” to.

Hehe, I say it plenty to my friends back at home but I’m sure they’re all also busy right now too …. I guess … in the end, I hope to say it to someone who’s a little more than just a friend to myself. I have this odd desire right now to feel identified with someone ….

Let me just say, I sure did pick a rough career to walk through for the rest of my life. It definitely has gotten more challenging throughout the years ….

But I’m not willing to give it up.


O yes and here is my new jacket …. in a lighter camel color!!

Gosh I do love it hehe.


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