Womanizers and their women.

What is it with womanizers and the women who love them?

I swear … I understand that it may be exciting when you’re still in your 20’s, the whole attractiveness of the more successful and domineering alpha male, someone who will satisfy your “needs” (whatever they may be … I’m not clarifying more here) right when you need them.

But ugh, when you’re in your mid 30’s/near 40’s, married with children, don’t you become smart enough to look beyond all of that? Well, so happens to be the case of my friend and the ladies she is in choir with. So apparently their conductor is a complete womanizer and he’s basically had numerous scandalous relationships with several of them in the choir. I swear, I thought things like that only happened in prime time television!!

Why is it always a domineering alpha male and quite less often the other way around? Not that I plan to force myself to move against the tide, I’m just super curious as to why the world works this way. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’ve had my share of feeling a little excited meeting a man of slightly higher authority than myself …. however, I am not one to act upon it. It’s just a feeling and you let it go as it is.

Ok I’ve pretty much lost my train of thought here …. it got interrupted by some not so great news that I’m currently incredibly not willing to deal with.


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