Thanksgiving is almost here ….



So Turkey Day is almost here. I can’t believe it, this month truly flew by!! It was an extraordinary experience especially after I received the privilege to step into MD Anderson. Gosh this entire year has flown by …. so much has happened and only more to come. I will be spending my Thanksgiving with one of my close friends from college in massive Vietnamese style where you have all the foods and all the families get together and it’s just complete chaos for a couple of hours. 😛 I spent Thanksgiving with this girl last year as well and it was a blast!! I’m hoping we might do the midnight shopping we pulled off last year though I might have to refrain from any purchases at all since I’m in great need of the funds I have right now.

Oh yes and I’ll be turning a year older, none the wiser in a few days after Turkey Day. It’s weird, after a certain point, you really don’t feel like you’re aging a day at all. The years seem to blur together … in fact, recently someone asked how old I was and I actually had to think. I guess it’s a good thing? I can’t really feel the effects of aging as much as I thought I would. 😛

Apparently, my roommate back in NOLA has planned something for me though I didn’t really get a chance to mention what I wanted this year. In fact, I really don’t know what I want this year, I’d be grateful just to be able to celebrate my birthday with my friends and just hang out with them. Usually I do and I don’t even bother expecting my friends to figure it out, I just tell them straight up.

You get so busy sometimes you realize that you have to put in effort to make a day feel special now because if you don’t, it really will just go by without a memory to associate with it …. and that will surely be saddening.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! I am blessed to have so many amazing friends and family to celebrate this (upcoming) day with me.




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