Fashion blogging

It seems to be one of the new up and coming things in the blogging world. Through my friend Kristina‘s blog guest posts, I’ve uncovered several fashion bloggers whose entries I’ve really liked!! …. leading to me to visit their blog websites and seeing what’s out there …. I envy their advanced camera usage and really do look forward to owning an SLR myself one day.

However, though, I feel as though I myself don’t really have the energy to take outfit photos. I just don’t tend to come out very well in photos and maybe it’s the lack of a really advanced camera but I don’t usually like the pictures I take with me wearing outfits in them (nor do I really have a photographer partner either hehe). I feel as though for me, if I put an outfit together, I need to first go out to somewhere to flaunt it, give meaning to wearing it outside somewhere!! Of course, that’s why when people do outfit shoots, they don’t always do it indoors … and in the end, I myself will also need pictures of whatever I’m wearing.

Nonetheless, I tremendously love/appreciate fashion bloggers! It really gives us readers an idea or a suggestion of an outfit to try on … or at least the seeding of an idea that will possibly lead to another idea of an outfit. It sparks the spread of creativity – as creativity can be very contagious – with a desire for originality. If it weren’t for these fabulous fashion bloggers, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself when it came to outfit picking …. maybe another reason why I don’t find myself being such a chic fashion blogger is because sometimes I don’t know what to try on first!! I’d rather someone thrust me a suggestion and I’ll go from there. 🙂

When it comes to blogging, fashion>food (though I love both just about equally ….).

Another shot from the winter wonderland from two days ago …. last night I went out into the city with my mom and oh, the itch to shop!! Unfortunately, I had become a much pickier shopper compared to the days in college where even a $10 bag looked extremely luxurious. Once you enter better-quality town, there’s no turning back!!


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